How to change the display language in Windows 10

Windows 10 display language

How to change the display language in Windows 10

Windows 10 supports many languages, the default language of Windows 10 can be changed anytime. So now you don’t have to think about language preference before buying a computer.
You can use Windows 10 in any language whatever you prefer, You have to follow few easy steps and then you can change the language to your desired language. Today in this article I will show you step by step ‘How to change the default display language of Windows 10’. Normally Windows 10 comes with the Preferred language of your Region, Say if the language is ‘English US’ and if you want to change it to ‘English UK’. It’s Simple, Follow The below steps how you can ‘change the display language in Windows 10’.

Step 1. Go to Windows settings,
Step 2. Click on ‘Time and language’ settings.
Step 3. Then click on ‘Region and Language’ option.
Step 4. Select Country or Region And then choose your display language.
Step 5. Click on Add a language.
Step 6. Choose your language to Install.
Step 7. Click Next then Install.
Step 8. Now go back to ‘Region and Language’
Step 9. Set Your language as Default.

That’s it. Now your display language is changed to your default language (i.e., English UK). To change the whole language of your Windows 10 PC, you also need to change the welcome screen and system account language of Windows 10.

Learn ‘How to change Windows 10 welcome Screen and system account language’

In this way following some few easy steps you can ‘change the default Windows 10 display language’ to your desired language and enjoy having your own language on your computer.

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