10 best useful apps for students

10 best useful apps for students

Sometimes it becomes complicated finding better apps that would come into use every day for students. Normally you download such kind of application that provides limited solutions and later you don’t use the app and let it be on your smartphone so that It may come in use any day which lead to fill the storage capacity of our smartphone. So, Here I found out ’10 Best useful apps for students’ that would help them in their daily life. Using this app they can get all the basic solution. Check out the below ‘Top 10 best useful apps for students’.

Khan academy

Khan Academy is a learning app that provides solutions in various subjects to students. With the help of Khan Academy, you can easily study from your Smartphone or PC.  They have over 10000 videos in subjects like Maths, Science, Economics, Finance, Arts, etc. This application is very beneficial for students from primary to secondary school and in addition to the Khan Academy app, you can also study from khanacademy.org and Khan Academy YouTube channel. This app is absolutely free, you can download it from the Google Play Store for free. With the help of this app, you can study mathematics, biology, chemistry, physical, history, economics, finance, grammar, engineering, computer, arts and many other subjects with free of cost.


If you have trouble solving maths problem then Photomath can help you out in solving your maths questions. The Photomath app is a learning app Using which you can solve any problems in mathematics easily. You can scan any question from your phone camera and find its solution in this app. Only you need to open this app and then scan the question, it will give you an immediate solution. You can get solutions of many mathematics topics like arithmetics, integers, fraction, decimal numbers, roots, algebraic expression, Linear Equations, etc. in this Application. This could be a useful app for students to solve mathematics questions.


Camscanner is another useful app for students. They get lots of assignment work, notices, routines, etc. which they cannot note down every time, so if they have a smartphone with them they can simply scan the documents and note it down on their actual sheet later.  Also using this app they can keep some soft copies on cloud storage account for future use. This also helps everyone by easily scanning photos, ID, personal documents, notes, etc. which can be converted to a PDF file and shared with anyone as a document.


If you want to learn a new language then with the help of Duolingo application you can do it easily.  Duolingo is a language learning app with which you can learn many languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch,  Swedish, Russian, Polish, Turkish, etc. This app is fun and easy to use and the best thing about the app is, it is free of cost. You can practice speaking, reading, listening & writing with Duolingo app, they also provide lessons to improve your language. This can be a very useful app for those students who want to learn new languages.

BYJU’S Learning App

Byju’s app is a very popular learning app that makes your studies a lot easier. With the help of this app, you can easily study from anywhere on your Smartphone. You can study Math and Science of Class 4-12 as well as prepare for the competitive examination like JEE, AIPMT, CAT, IAS, GRE & GMAT with Byju’s App. This app has won many awards. It is easy to use and students also like this App as the solution provided by Byju’s learning app is easy to understand.


Scribd is the world’s largest online library. With this app, you can make your study even easier. This app allows you to easily study any important documents and books from your mobile. Scribd also provides audiobooks, magazines which you can read anytime. They also provide the membership with lowest price subscription. For readers, this app could be very useful.


Dropbox app is a cloud storage app which lets you store your important files online (documents, photos, videos) and which you can access from anywhere anytime. Now you don’t have to be afraid to lose or delete your important files. You can easily download any of your files with the help of the Dropbox app. It syncs your files and stores it in one place, which you can later access and share with anyone you want. This app also has a document scanner feature which let you turn a document into PDF. This app can also be considered one of the top useful apps for students.

WPS office + PDF

This application allows us to open any type of file like Memo, PDF, spreadsheet, presentation, documents, etc. Using this application you can create any type of files and also edit later. The size of the app also small which you can easily download and have access to many files format. This application can also be one of the useful apps for Student.


It is difficult to remember all the formulas in Mathematics. Every day you learn a new topic and forgets some of the previous Solutions. If you have problems solving Maths questions and you want a good solution guide, then this app is made for you. This is a great app for students of mathematics, with the help of this Mathway app you can solve math questions very easily. This application covers topics like algebra, trigonometry, calculus, graphing, etc., you can get all type of math questions and solutions here. This app is useful for mathematics Students.

Unacademy learning app

Unacademy is also a useful application for students where they can learn any course or prepare for a  competitive exam. This app is very easy to use, you can just get started with selecting your course then you can have access over various videos from your selected course. Sign up wit this app so that you can check your course, library, goal, etc. and also your downloaded course. You can choose to change the course anytime you want, they have top educators from whom you can learn many new topics and solve your queries. You can follow any educator and course to get their videos updates.

Guys, Above listed are the ‘Top 10 best useful apps for student’ which will provide them with many solutions and it will also come in use every day. These apps will help them out in their studies and normal work, it will also save lots of time from their schedule.

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