Know Everything about the 5G internet and its faster speed than 4G

Know Everything about the 5G internet and its faster speed than 4G

Every user wants as faster speed internet as possible, The next generation of wireless networks 5G will come with more faster speed than 4G internet service and it will also be more reliable. Since 5G Work has started, It is estimated that in 2020 there is a plan to bring 5G network across the world, but some of the countries may start before as they have begun trial!

5G network will be Ultra speed And users should be able to download content faster than 4G.

When touching on mobile, web pages will open in less than a millisecond or the video will start playing! The entire movie will be downloaded in 5 to 6 seconds on the 5G network!
It is assumed that the 5G network speed will be around 20 GB per second. Isn’t it sounds good, it even be twenty 20 times faster than 4G internet speed. Engineers are developing more reliable telecommunication service Technology then now for 5G service.

The speed of 5G network will be faster so the 5G network will require a lot of processor power as there will be a data processor in a short time and will have to create new powerful mobile devices for the 5G network tool. The 5G network will create a connected world that will give every kind of information in any location in less than a millisecond time. We will be able to store anything on cloud and transfer it to anyone we want, will not need any hard disc storage and then sending the same to another person. In the 5G network sending or receiving files in any location will be just a click away.

Nearly 15 billion devices in the world are connected to each other now and by the end of 2020 the 5G network will connect around 50 Billion devices each other, and then all information can be shared accessible by people anywhere anytime and it will be more hassle-free. But it may take some more time for the countries where the 4G network is still not stable, but we can hope when it comes, it will save a lot of time of every people where we don’t have to wait minutes and hours for single transfer and uploads.

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