Top 5 Best Feature Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Hello friends, welcome to Dil Se Pagal again with a new topic ‘5 best features of Windows 10 April 2018 update’. Previously we received many windows updates light Windows Anniversary Update, Creators Update, Fall Creators Update, etc. and we always found something new on Windows in every update. So we can always hope from Microsoft whenever they release some new updates for Windows It will give a  great impression to its users. Let’s talk about the major update of Windows 10 April 2018. The new updates 1803 of Windows 10 Released on April 2018, which came with a bundle of new features and many improvements. The features which they provided in this update was never added before and it really changed the windows 10 in many ways. This Changes in Windows 10 would help us a lot in our work and will also save lots of time. Now the performance of Windows is also improved and it is far better than before. Today we will see the 5 best features of Windows 10 April 2018 update. So without wasting any time let’s check out the features one by one.

1. Timeline

The ‘Timeline’ is one of the best features that we get in the windows 10 April update 2018. Under timeline, You can check all your recent Task and the task that was done earlier. Only you need to click the ‘Task View’ button on the taskbar and all the task will appear in the Timeline, It will show you the task you are doing now and closed work which you have already done earlier. You can either open or remove the earlier task shown on the timeline, simply right-click on any task you will see an option to open, remove and clear all from the day. If you choose ‘open’ it will open the task, then you can either remove the single task using the ‘Remove’ option or remove all the task of the same day using ‘clear all from’ option in the right click. You also have the option to turn on the timeline task view for 30 days, just scroll down in the timeline menu you will find an option with ‘see more days in Timeline’ then click on Turn On. Now you will be able to see the task done earlier for 30 days and the current task on Timeline.

2. Microsoft edge improvement

In this April 2018 Update of Windows 10, the ‘mute button’ option for a tab is added. With this feature you can mute any tab that produces noisy sound at any time, only you have to do is click the mute button available at the top of every tab while a tab plays any audio. This will stop the audio playing on the  Microsoft edge browser tab when you play an audio on the tab the playing audio icon will appear on the top of the tab using which you can mute the audio playing. This feature was already available on Mozilla Firefox browser and now it is available on Microsoft edge Browser. This feature can be helpful when you are reading some article or doing some work on a browser and you find that some website automatically plays audio, then use this feature to mute the audio and concentrate on your reading.

3. Nearby sharing

Nearby sharing is another best feature that you get in this update. Using nearby sharing feature you can share and receive any content via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. To use this nearby sharing feature you need to ‘turn on’ the nearby sharing from Windows settings > system > shared experiences, then right click on the file you want to share, there is a ‘share’ option using that you will be able to share the content via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Under settings, you also have the option to change the location to save files that you receive using Nearby Sharing. If you don’t want to turn on Nearby Sharing from the Windows settings, simply right click on the file you want to send, go to share option and click ‘Tap to turn on nearby sharing’ it will turn on the Nearby Sharing and now you can share files with anyone.

4. Dictation

The dictation feature is also added in this April 2018 update of Windows 10. The dictation feature allows you to type anything on a text field using your voice. Just turn on the dictations features from ‘Windows settings > privacy > Speech, inking & typing’ and then go to the text field you want to type, press Windows + H key. The dictation tool will appear on the screen and now you can speak to type in the text field. Use this feature in any text file on your Windows 10 PC like the search bar in the browser, MS Office  WordPad, Notepad, etc. you can even use this feature to write articles without any issue. Now with this update, we have an option to write anywhere on Windows 10 without using the keyboard, this will be a great useful feature for Windows 10 users.

5. Focus assist

The previous ‘Quiet hours’ feature that was available on Windows 10 is now modified to ‘Focus assist’ and in this feature, they added 3 different modes by which you can get notification accordingly. To use this, go to Windows settings >  system > focus assist and select any of the three options. If you ‘turn off’ the focus assist you’ll get all the notification in Windows, If you want some Limited notification then choose the ‘Priority Only’ option, you’ll only get the notification that is listed in the priority list (Under priority tab use the ‘Customise your priority list’ option to modify notification list you want to receive) and the last option, if you turn on ‘alarms only’ it’ll not show any notification except alarms. You also have the ‘Automatic rules’ using which you can set up time for each mode to activate automatically.

The above listed are the ‘Top 5 best feature of Windows 10 April 2018 update’, which are considered to be the Best Changes made ever in windows 10. With all these features working with Windows 10 has become much easier than before, In this updates, Some more Improvement is also made like Cortana, Menu Customization, etc. I will Keep you updating more in my upcoming Article.

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