Top 7 Awesome Apps That Every Android User Should Know About

Today we will look over a very interesting topic ‘Top 7 Awesome Apps, That Every Android User Should Know About’. There are many apps for Android that you use and no doubt they are better, but still, you would like to have some of the applications which consist of more Interesting features. These applications will also be used in our daily works and save lots of data and time. So, Let’s see the below list of ‘7 Awesome Apps, That Every Android User Should Know About’.

Do not touch my phone

Do not touch my phone app is a great fun and useful app. Often you see that when you keep your mobile in charging or living on the table, someone else continues to tease our mobile. If you do not want anyone to touch or tamper your mobile, then this app will be of great use to you. You can set an alarm through this ‘Do not Touch my phone’ app so that when someone touches your mobile, the alarm will start playing. The person will also be surprised by the alarm and you will also be able to know when someone touches your mobile. Relax while your Smartphone is charging or when you are away from your smartphone, set up with this application and it will do its work. This app could be one of the best apps that Every Android User Should have.

Parallel Space

If you want to use more than one account for a single app then this application can help you out.  With Parallel Space, you can create multi-account for a single app. If you want to use WhatsApp account with more than one number in a single Android device, then with this application you can do it easily. Parallel Space creates a clone of any apps you want to use and then you can sign up with new details on the clone application. First, you need to install parallel space then you will find the option under parallel space app to create a clone for the app you want to use with a different account.  Once you click, It will automatically create another clone of the same app, now signup with different details and use the app. You will experience same in this clone app as the original app you are using, Parallel Space also has the option to create a shortcut for the clone app on a screen. Create a shortcut and manage the clone app from your home screen. That’s it, this Parallel Space can be one of the awesome apps that every Android users should know about.

Secret video rec

The secret video recorder app is one of the best security apps through which you can record any video without opening the camera and it is a secret app so that if someone touch or watch your Phone, then the person will not even know that from the Smartphone Camera it is being recorded. And then it will be saved in the video gallery, from which you can watch the video later and know who was the person. This video rec app can help user to keep their data safe on their smartphone. This application can be considered as a good one for every Android user.

AZ screen recorder

‘AZ screen recorder’ is a very useful app, This is a screen recorder application. Through this app, you can easily make a video recording of whatever you are doing on your mobile screen. If you are a YouTuber then this app is going to be very useful for you, using this app you can make a video for your YouTube channel very easily. You can also do steps recording for some apps or anything in a browser or If you are doing some long work on your smartphone, in case you forget later you can check it out from the videos. It is easy to use, the AZ screen recorder, when you click on the app it will start recording in just two to three seconds and as soon as you stop it, will be saved in the recording video gallery.

Smart kit 360

‘Smart kit app’ is a great app, almost 5mb of this app has a lot of features. There are quite a lot of apps inside the smart kit application, which can be of great use to you. Inside the smart kit app, there are many useful apps like Notepad, translator, dictionary, file manager, recorder, battery saver. There are total 36 useful apps in it which comes in use everyday. You can install all the apps separately just by installing the smart kit app and then use all the apps. This application could be a solution to save storage of your smartphone and still use many apps.

Files go

Files go is a storage manager application by Google. With ‘Files go by Google’ application you can manage your phone storage in just a few steps. Files go allows you to free up space by clearing the junk files, extra media, unused application, large files, etc. of your smartphone. Once you install this application you can simply go to the clean tab and clear the files you want. Files go also have the option to browse application details or share files. Browse option allows you to browse Apps, images videos, audio, and documents using which you can manage these files. With ‘Share’ file option you can share your files like videos, apps, audios to your nearby friends. This less than 10 MB application has many features which do not consume more space and allows you to do many tasks in a single app. So this can be one of the best application for Android users.


If you are afraid of losing your photo or video, then this app is a solution for you. Dumpster app is a very good app, With the help of the Dumpster app, you can easily restore any photo or video you have deleted. To restore a photo or video, you must install the Dumpster app on your smartphone. Now whenever a photo or video gets deleted, it will be saved in the Dumpster app storage and later you can restore that photo or video from the Dumpster app easily. This app work as a ‘Recycle Bin’ for your smartphone from where you can restore your accidentally deleted files. If this app is installed in your device then you will have the chance to restore deleted data and this feature always come in use, so you can keep this application on your smartphone. This app can be on the list of the top app which all android user should have.

Above listed are the 7 Awesome Apps, That Every Android User Should Know About. These could be useful for Android smartphone users, using which they can get a  better solution for security, storage, and management of their device. You also have many other alternatives apps which you can use and are also the best app to be considered.

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