Top 7 best websites to download images without any copyright issue

Whenever we create a videos project or any content, it needs to have a great impression of the audience. For doing so, We always need a better image that would make your content more clear, but using someone’s image could give you a copyright claim. A copyright issue can lead to rejections of project or deletion of the video from any social website like YouTube and the account too can also be suspended. So In this article, I will provide you ‘best websites to download copyright free images’ from where you can download images and use on your project, videos or any personal and commercial content without the fear of copyright issue.

Below the list of Top 7 best websites to download images without any copyright issue,


Pixabay is one of the best websites or you can even say one of the top websites with a collection of Royalty free stock photos. Pixabay providers free stock images as well as Illustrations, vector graphics, videos, etc. They have a collection of over 1.3 millions of Royalty free photos now. All images in Pixabay is under Creative Commons license CC0 ( they are free for commercial use and no attribution required for the photo used). You can search images by type, categories, Orientation, size, colors, etc. in Pixabay. You can instantly download images just by clicking on any images then click on ‘Free download’ choose image resolution and click download if you have already signed up the image will start download else you have to solve a captcha to download. The highest collection and images categories make this website different from others and once you try you will love to download images from here. Pixabay is best for creators who create videos, presentations, projects, etc. here they will get all types of images.


Pexels another best websites from where you can get high quality and completely free stock photos without any copyright issue. Pixels currently have over 40,000 free stock images and they add around 3000 new high quality and completely free stock photos Every month. The best thing about Pexels is all the photos available are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0). This means You can use the images for any legal commercial use( Project, YouTube videos, etc). You can have images by categories or search on the search bar of your choice, then choose your required images and click ‘free download’ button the image will start downloading on your browser. Pexels does not ask for any captcha to solve or does not require for signing up to download images. They also have a contributor from where you can contribute any images you want, but it should fulfill their terms and condition. You can check the license anytime Using the license menu at the top of the website. This could be the best website to download images without any copyright issue. They have the ‘Donate’ option if you want you can donate some amount to Pexels. There are many options at the top menu to browse photos of your choice Like Discover photos, popular photos, popular search, Photos bike colors.

Stocks snap

Images available in stocks maps are under the Creative Commons license CC0. You can use the image for the Personal and commercial purpose. The free stock images can be downloaded easily, simply by clicking on the image and then click on download. Images can be searched by categories Like nature, business, girls, friends, Computer, office, boys, Books, animals, etc, on stocks snap. There are options for trending images where you will find the images sorted by trending and also choose to filter out by date, desc, views, downloads, etc. If you want to submit photos go with the Summit photo option. Check the Stock snap license here.


Unsplash has a collection of over 550,000 High-quality Free photos. All photos available on Unsplash are free to use. The images on Unsplash can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes. There is no need of any attribution for the photo used from Unsplash but still appreciated when possible. Copy, modify, distribute, etc. are allowed with the photos downloaded from Unsplash. Check images from the collection menu or search from the search option, Click explore button on the top to find images by categories. It is not necessary to ‘join Unsplash if you want to download images but still, you can join upon your choice from the join free’ button at the top. So this could also be one of the best websites to download copyright free images. You can Check the license here.

Realistic Shots

When you open a realistic shots website The license is mentioned on the first page. The images published on the realistic shorts website can be used for the personal and commercial purpose. 7 new images are added on their website Every week. Visit the official website of Realistic Shots or Click here to check out the ‘Terms of use‘ of the available images.


Burst by Shopify provides you free high-resolution stock images. You can search any images for what from the search bar you can also and find from the Collection menu at the top. Lesson menu images of divided category Like Food, Art, City, Business, Animals, etc. In the menu, there is an option for new photos, where you can find all the new photos added. You can also contribute photos to this website if you want. While downloading any images you can choose between high resolution and low-resolution images. Burst provides best free images library for entrepreneurs so it is not necessary to give attribution while you are using the image from Burst. While downloading any images always check the license if it is of Creative Commons CC0 then you can use that photos for commercial purpose.

Negative Space

Negative space has a collection of high-resolution free stock photos. Images available in Negative Space are free to use for the personal and commercial purpose. Native space mentioned in their license that images are under are Under Creative Commons CC0 license, you can Use, copy, edit, or share the photos. Check Licence here. You can choose images from the categories such as Agriculture, art & design, business, fashion, object, nature, people, Technology. etc. or search on Negative Space then click on download free stock photos to download the photo you wish.

Above listed are the ‘Top 7 best website to download images without any copyright issue’. You can simply download and use on your project, videos, and content anywhere you want. However, check the license before you use for any commercial purpose because the license can be updated anytime. I have provided you the license link for each of the websites above.

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