How to hide WhatsApp images from gallery in any Android phones

How to hide WhatsApp images from gallery in any Android phones

Getting images on WhatsApp now has become a very common thing. Sometimes we receive images for work purpose or else we get lots of images like funny jokes, memes etc. and even some unusual images that you don’t want to be shown on our gallery. But WhatsApp officially doesn’t provide any option to hide the images from the gallery and every phone don’t have that function to hide images from the gallery. when our friends or family check out our mobile and if they see some unusual images, it can lead to our bad impression on them. So here I will provide you a trick to ‘hide WhatsApp images from gallery in any Android phones’ and using this you can hide all your images from WhatsApp that are shown on your gallery.

Below are the steps How to hide WhatsApp images from gallery in any Android phones

Step 1. Go to the file manager of your phone. Every phone has the file explorer option but if you don’t find the file explorer option on your phone just download ‘ES File Explorer’ from Play Store and it will do all the work as a file explorer on your phone.

Step 2. Scroll Down and go to the WhatsApp folder. It is normally on the phone storage if you don’t get on your phone storage then search in the storage of your internal SD card.

Step 3. Inside the WhatsApp folder, you will get a media folder. Open that media folder, Under the media folder you will be able to see a folder named as ‘WhatsApp Images’.

step 4. Open WhatsApp images folder. Either on the button or the top of your screen, you will see ‘+’ or ‘Add’ option. Click on that option and create a new file in the same folder.

Step 5. Name the file as ‘.nomedia’. If the file is already named as a ‘new file’ or something else then using rename option rename the new file as ‘.nomedia’. That’s it, now images received on WhatsApp will not show on your gallery.


I have listed above steps how you can ‘hide WhatsApp images from gallery in any Android phones’ Using which you can easily hide images received on WhatsApp from your phone gallery. If you wish the images to show again on the gallery, just follow the above steps 1 to step 3 and then delete the ‘.nomedia’ file from the Whatsapp images folder and you will be able to see all your images received on WhatsApp in your gallery. If you still wish to hide some of your selected images, check out if your smartphone has hide images feature on the gallery or else you can use apps to hide images like gallery lock app or any hide images app to hide your selective images.

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