Now get the JioFi device at just ₹ 499, Buy before it is gone

Now get the JioFi device at just ₹ 499, Buy before it is gone

Now enjoy 4G in any 3G and 2G device at just ₹499. Reliance Jio has bought a great offer again to please its customers. The customer will be able to purchase the JioFi portable 4G device at a very lower price than before. After the launch of JioFi device, the initial price of JioFi device was ₹ 1999 and later the cost was reduced to ₹999 and now once again Jio came with a big cashback offer to its customers. You can purchase the JioFi portable 4G Device at just Rs 499 with the cashback of ₹ 500. This offer will be applicable from 3rd July i.e., from today.

There are some condition to avail this Jio offer, Customer have to buy a new JioFi device, have to take a new Jio postpaid SIM and customer also have to take a plan of at least rupees 199 for the same Postpaid SIM and will have to pay the bill using this plan for the next 12 months. After 12 month ends, the customer will get cashback of rupees 500 and thus the effective price of JioFi will be RS 499.

This offer will be valuable for those customers who are planning to use Jio postpaid SIM for a long-term, Customer has to wait for 1 year to get ₹500 cashback. But if you want to enjoy getting the ‘JioFi device just ₹ 499’, then simply buy the device during this offer period.

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